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Shopping for necessary uniforms, footwear, and accessories in our small rural community in Virginia was once nonexistant.  Our local healthcare professionals, local community college, local technical training centers and others had to travel outside of the county in order to purchase these items.    In January 2016, we decided to provide this service locally and in late February 2016 we opened our doors and began supplying these much needed items locally.   

In a matter of months, we had outgrown our space at the local mall and were planning a relocation to a much larger area.  We then had the room needed to add more product lines for a better selection to those in need.  

We have "small town pride" and we strive to have outstanding customer service.  We plan ahead in order to provide stock items that are stylish and functional for your busy day.

We are very happy to assist you in our current local location, by providing onsite group fittings, and now provide online ordering services.  

We are extremely thankful that you have chosen us to fit your life.  We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience.